Z-Dreams: Sudafed and Knee Pain

I go through phases where I dream a lot, and lately I've been in one of those phases. My dreams are usually very strange too. This morning, before waking up, I had one of those craaaaazy dreams.

I think it started out at this church. It was rather large, but really dim inside, lit by nothing but the daylight coming through the windows. I was at the front center pew, sitting on the floor, leaning on to the seat cushion, writing or drawing something. Next thing I know, other people are in the church sitting spread out in different areas. Enough to be several people, without being close to packed. My coworkers, I think. I looked at them, but that's about it.

Then, suddenly, there was a casket at the front. I don't know if I knew it at the time, but it was my coworker, Daniel. I also am not sure if I knew this, but he had died from taking sudafed and over the counter meds or something. Though, they weren't sure if that was the reason he died.

Then, suddenly, there was a bright light and he got out of the casket all of a sudden. He kind of walked around in a hurry, said bye to everyone, and left. Everyone was a bit confused. Turned out he wasn't all better yet-whatever the problem was.

Then, I went to a grocery store or something. There was this homeless dude at one corner, and I ended up talking to him. He had set up shop there and was selling random stuff he found- empty bottles and the like- and also some things he would steal from the store.

He was alright, and I sat there for a while talking to him, then something happened where he made me mad, and I had to threaten to turn him in for stealing.

Then, I was at the front/side of the store. There was this weird stand thing, somewhat like wide bleachers. It was some weird nurse station or something. I ended up going over to get steroid shots in my knee, since I have tendinitis or bursitis in it, and the pain and aching ebbs and flows at different times.

I don't know what inspired me in the dream to get a needle jammed into my knee, but I seemed to think it would be a good idea, even though I was horrified. I kept asking the nurse if she thought it would help, etc. I watched her carefully squirt the bubbles out, then she actually stabbed me pretty quick and squeezed the stuff in. Surprisingly, I didn't feel a thing. Then she realized she hadn't used it all. Great, another shot.

Again, she started squirting the bubbles out. There were lots of bubbles, and just like the time before, I was worried about that. When she was ready to inject the stuff, I asked her if it was true that if bubbles got in your blood stream, you'd die. She laughed and told me no. She said it only applied in some places, like being injected in your inner thigh. O...k....

Well, she ended up not giving me the shot yet, and I sat there waiting for her. Anyway, suddenly something happened, not sure what, but then when I was checking with the nurse to see if she still planned on giving me the other shot, I asked her if she was still human. She said she wasn't; that most of the ones there weren't. Apparently I was worried that whatever happened would jeopardize my shot experience. I then asked if she was still whatever she was when she gave me the first shot, and she said yes.

Then, I woke up.

Now, my dreams are often me processing my day or thoughts, I believe. How does that apply to this dream? Recently I've been fighting a sinus infection, so when I went to see a doctor, she was telling me not to take too much sudafed since it's not good for you. Also, recently, my knee has been aching a good bit. So there you have it! Sorry it was soooo long!!! BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

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