La Moustache!!!

You can get this here!

This... is awesome.
Finding this actually was the perfect segway into my discussing the movie I watched last night.

La Moustache

This movie was brought to my attention by my fantastic friend of greatness: Dawnette. (She will be starting a blog soon, too, and I'm SO excited about it! She's a massage therapist so it'll be useful info/stories/reviews etc on personal wellbeing) So thanks, Dawnette. (We'll be starting a co-blog soon too, full of all the insanities we can manage to capture and throw into a post. You will no longer see  me as a sane person once you see the content of that blog!)

Anyway, this french movie is about a guy who has had a mustache for a long time. He asks his wife if he should shave it off, and she says she might not recognize him without it.
 While she's out running errands, he proceeds to shave it off. When she sees his reveal, however, she says nothing of it. This goes on to get crazier and crazier, and he begins going crazy over it.

In the end, it leaves lots up in the air for debate. It's like you joined in and saw this episode in his life, then things went on, and stuff was just as confusing and life can be. Some say it's a metaphor, some give different explanations of it. Either way, I love that a movie did well and was just a glimpse of someone's life. That's the type of movie I want to make.

If I've encouraged your curiosity enough to check the movie out, let me know! For you Netflickers, it's on instant. So I wanna know if you liked it!

Next movies on my list:
Book of Eli


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4 Responses to La Moustache!!!

  1. Ashley says:

    I didn't like Book of Eli. Those typestaches are awesome!

  2. Cadence says:

    Oh no! Really? What didn't you like about it? I don't know much about it, but my friend liked it so I got interested.

  3. Dawnette says:

    I heard several valid reasons why some people didn't like, The Book of Eli. I understand their statements and opinions, but it didn't ruin the movie enough for not to appreciate the message that the movie was trying to portray.

  4. rachel! says:

    hohh, i love the mustache list! so cute & clever.

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