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Baby, it's COOOOLD outside

The weather has slowly, and very crazily become colder and colder.
This means... time for footie pajamas! My monkeys keep my feet warm :D

AAAAND hot chocolate! A favorite for us in the wintertime.
This one was chosen because it had a cute bear on the can.
And it paid off! It has peppermint in it already! And was nice and chocolaty!!

 What do you like when it's cold?

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I've Been AWOL? Some Miniature Donkeys for you!

Sorry!!! I have. Been busy with so much stuff in my head. Much to be updated here, I promise.

BUT, I HAVE to share this:

Miniature Donkeys! They're adorable!


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Fingerween 2010 Results!

Thanks again to everyone who participated and voted! Results are in:

1st Place
Finger Stache (Evan's Stache)

2nd Place (ties)
Mona Finger Lisa
Scrub-a-Dub Finger
It's Always Sunny in Fingerdelphia

Thanks again!!! Can't wait for next year.

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Fingerween 2010

Fingerween 2010 Entries

Want to vote for your favorite one?
Leave a comment with the number of your pick.

1 Tennis Finger

2 Fingerlion

3 70s Porn Finger

4 FingerWeenie

5 Mona Finger Lisa

6 Count Fingerla

7 Bobble Finger

8 Scrub-a-Dub Finger

9 Finger Stealer

10 Marge Fingerson

11 It's Always Sunny in Fingerdelphia

12 Auburn Figer

13 Protestingers

14 Findian

15 Joustinger

16 Finger Stache

17 Fingirl

18 Five Legged Freaks

Naming of Fingerween provided by Meg!

Thanks to everyone who entered!!!

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Proud Mommy

How could I not be, when my baby is SOOO good? Does he sometimes act like a spoiled child? SOMETIMES, but then next time, he'll act so sweet that I can't help but forgive his stubbornness.

Some examples of his good behaviour?

When he visits Mommy's work, he sleeps quietly near me while I'm busy working.

He appreciates the toys and treats that Mommy gets him.

How could he not like his giant octopus?

How good is a boy that tucks himself in?!

And doesn't complain about naptime.

He comes to see his Mommy.

And snuggles up with her! Look at that content look!

Are you in love with Pigeon yet?!
I fall in love with him everyday...

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