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In A Cloud

Today... isn't my day. Maybe it isn't my week. That's all a complicated mess, but overall, I just can't focus or think straight. My head's a jumbled mess. It's like a cloud of fog that's jumping around like a maniac inside my brain.

I've been thinking of what I could do to lift myself up a bit, and finally came up with today's creative inspiration: cute and happy quote bubbles!

Hopefully, they'll help me get through the day, and maybe offer a few smiles to others too. Feel free to pass along the smiles!


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Fly Away

Sometimes, you just have to take a break from all the mundane, so my coworker and friend Meg and I decided to do just that during our lunch break! One other coworker found us, so we made her join in, OF COURSE.

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Tiny Bits of Awesomeness: Mini Stationary

Everyone loves getting notes / letters / mail... and everyone knows miniature things are adorable. So, combine the two! I'm creating tiny stationary!!!

Here's the first batch! I think I'm on to something!!!
(on a side note, my hands/fingers look sooo old!!! eww)


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Wrap a ribbon around two hearts,
Blow a kiss and the fluttering starts.
One and one together makes two.
That's what happened, and away they flew.

Colors painted tenderly.
Gentle pulsing endlessly.
Joined and traveling through the world.
Caught in color and music swirled.

Place two hearts down side by side,
Joined together for the ride.
Floating through the dreams they form,
Carrying each other through the storm.

They bring smiles to those they touch,
Tiny moments that change so much.
Forever merged until they die.
Two hearts make a butterfly.

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Happy Bruises

As a dancer and a clumsy person (the latter being the weightier reason), I bruise... a LOT... and very easily. I decided it's time to start making good out of it!

So here's the start of my happy bruises!

More to come... for SURE!

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Stop & Dream

My place to show and share and capture inspiration, happy moments, nuggets of joy and positivity. I am hardly one who sees rainbows in every moment, but what if I did? What if I could always make the most of every time?

I am wounded, scarred and broken, and more than anything, scared to face the world with my heart open wide. But in my head I dream, I chase whims. This is my slow progression of sharing that world in my head. Sharing the child-like innocent dreams I have.

That being said... today was a super special day at work: I got to draw creatures and animals and monsters FOR WORK. Rare.

Enjoy some of todays brain-childs!

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