When life throws you lemons... make...


Ok... So I really don't know what to call it, so that's kinda what it is for now.

I can think of so many times this drink could come and save the day!

For instance...

Mr. Person had been mowing his lawn all day. It was such a wonderful day to do such a thing, but even on wonderful days, doing such things causes thirst. Now, that wasn't really the problem. The problem was that the grass was flying up and landing on his shoulder. He kept brushing it off, but more kept getting on him. Now it's not really that that was the problem, but the grass jumping everywhere made him think of grasshoppers. It wasn't like the times that most people think of grasshoppers. Mr. Person was super fond of grasshoppers. In fact, he had a pet one before. It had died. Several years ago. In a freak accident. We won't get into that now.

So Mr. Person was daydreaming of his late pet grasshopper. He had named it Green. Because he was... well... green. Now it wasn't really the grasshopper... but his name. When Mr. Person thought about the name Green, he also thought of the color. And then he remembered that back when he was trying to name Green, he had considered calling him Yellow, just to be ironic.

The color yellow made him think about lemonade. That's what lots of people think about, ya know? So, being tired and hot, and being outside... and thinking of lemonade. What do you think Mr. Person decided he needed? Lemonade? Nooo... of course not! Mr. Person had a traumatic experience as a kid when he tried to open a lemonade stand. He lived in a bad area of town, and all the people were really rude to him, or cheated him of his money. Mr. Person had always dreamed of selling lemonade, since his mom made the best lemonade in the world. IN... THE... WORLD. No exaggeration. Now when your mom makes the best lemonade in the world, and you have a bad experience selling it... that's TRAUMATIC.

So Mr. Person vowed never to have ANYTHING to do with lemonade again. For the rest of his life. That's a long time. So Mr. Person was thirsty, and thinking of lemons. What would solve his problem?? ... an AWESOMENESS DRINK!

Ok... I think you get the point. So, the back story:
I shot my friend's wedding right before the summer came, and during the reception, I was thirsty. They had these bowls of drink out. It looked like water with lemons floating in it. I got myself a glass, and upon drinking it... was blown away. Was it water that had lemons soaking in it so long that it infused some of the flavor into the water? No way, I don't like lemons in my water generally. It was such a mild flavor, but so refreshing!

I asked one of the people working the catering what the drink was. She told me. Then I forgot it. Then after much thinking, I remembered. I think. So I've been wanting to 'try' making it for the last two weeks or so. Finally, last night, I gave it a go, and... I WAS RIGHT! I REMEMBERED!

So, I wanted to share it with you!!!!

Water, and...

Ginger Ale

White Grape Juice


...cut like this!

Pour equal parts of the ginger ale, white grape juice, and water into a glass. All should be chilled, or add some ice. Drop in some lemon slices, and...

If you try this, I wanna know!
What do you think? Is it as good as I think it is??

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1 Response to When life throws you lemons... make...

  1. Dawnette says:

    Can't wait to try this tonight!
    ..btw, cute story about Mr. Person. haha

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