Yesterday, I ventured through a painting.

Yesterday evening, I documented my commute away from the office. It had rained on and off all day, and the weather was just cooling off to match the season as well, and the result was the most beautiful, wonderful sky I've ever seen.

One half was filled with pretty, puffy clouds and a nice light baby blue. The other half was a creamy swirl and sometimes sheet of cloudiness, and painted orange and yellow.

Gorgeous. I felt like I had ventured into a movie–

Or maybe I had wandered dreamily into a painting–
perhaps something by Monet.

Check it out!

What crazy real-life beautiful experiences have you had lately?

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2 Responses to Yesterday, I ventured through a painting.

  1. Meg says:

    I'm being stalked by yellow butterflies. Does that count?

  2. suzy says:

    these are so pretty... :)
    real life beautiful every day. life is so beautiful.

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