Sweat, Blood, Tears and Happy Results!

Ok, so not the sweat or tears part... though the tears COULD have applied...

Despite getting out of the office at about, um... 1:00 am something last... I mean, this morning, my need to create overpowered my body's want for sleep.

I stayed up till about 5:45 am cutting,
and slicing my finger.
 That last part kinda sucked. A lot.

But I love what resulted, and indeed, my need to create WAS satisfied.
Aaaand... My ID, card, and dolla bills got a new home :}!


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1 Response to Sweat, Blood, Tears and Happy Results!

  1. Kat says:

    WAY cute. i'd suggest some sort of marketing strategy and more production but that might involve the loss of a finger. or two. : /

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