"Hug Me! It's my Birthday!"

Today was my coworker Jaime's birthday. It was Meg and my job to come up with 'the plan.' Something silly and yummy, my boss said (or something like that). So, after lots of planning, this is how it went down:

Jaime's required birthday sign. Rule: She has to wear it all day here at the office.
Even the dude at the restaurant at lunch gave her a hug as we were walking out! Success!

Birthday Candy for all at the office! Rule: You have to give a hug to the birthday girl! Bowl's already getting low!

Jaime's husband Adam works here too! He got her beautiful flowers!!!

An awesome suprise lunch in which our Creative team sneaked out in groups to make it unsuspicious. She had no idea! James the bossman told her they were having a working lunch to discuss the projects that were in works. She prepared till late at night last night for the meeting! We even ended up with an awesome rum bread pudding on the house!

 Red Velvet Cake! It had to wait, since we were all full from the lunch!

It all turned out as planned! Weee! What type of birthday suprises do you do for those you like/love/care about/work with?

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1 Response to "Hug Me! It's my Birthday!"

  1. Ashley says:

    I love that sign and the candy idea! This seems like a lot of fun! You must work with a lot of great people.

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