Tiny Bits of Awesomeness: Champagne Grapes

They're... so... small! And cute! Because they're miniature! But one thing they are not is easy to eat. You have to sit there and pick each little one off, and the stems are so fragile, they break off with the grape. Then you sit there trying to pluck the rebel stem bits off the grape. Then you pop five in your mouth, to simulate eating one large grape.

And your hands get super sticky. So you can't do anything but focus on eating grapes. I can't imagine them being all elegant, having them with your champagne. But according to my semi-trusty coworker, they're called that: champagne grapes. And according to Dr. Google, it checks out.

But... you can't say they aren't cute!

And... here they are. Smiling at you. You can't hate them with a face like thaaat!

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