dream[ME]: Dresses

Today, dream[ME] ended up trying on many different dresses.

But in the end, decided that jeans and a T were still the way to go. Maybe one day dresses won't be so scary.

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4 Responses to dream[ME]: Dresses

  1. Regan says:

    Haha! Cute post. :)

  2. Aww they are such cute pictures!! I used to feel that way about dresses (back when no one wore them!) butone day I put one on, ignored the strange looks and it was so fun!

  3. Cadence says:

    Regan, thanks so much!!!
    Kaylia, I hope I can get there someday!!! I think they are so cute... but something psychological just fights me! It's sad...

  4. Ashley says:

    aww this is adorable! I love your little illustrations!

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