Kicking off Fall with a day at the farm!

The company I work with has a South Georgia office... and it's on a FARM!

Every year, we have a day down at the farm to grow as a team and family, learn, and do some good.

Last year, we went during the summer. Swimming in the lake and trying to water ski was fun and all, but boy was it HOT! This year was perfect. Just on the brink of Fall, it was warm, but beautiful outside.

We planted trees, ate some good barbecue, learned about the process of making grits and corn meal, tried some of those grits, ran through a complicated corn maze with activities buried throughout that you had to do with your team, had squshup hour (oh yes, the pres enforced this and made the WHOLE company do it!), carved pumpkins, did a relay race, and made scarecrows!

Here are some snapshots to show you the what it was like!

They have BEAUTIFUL horses!

They grow peanuts, cotton, and... stuff!

Teresa actually plucked one and ate it!

They SURE do!

The crazy corn maze.

We had to wear silly sunglasses!

And blow bubbles! That stuff was fine.
It was having to carry this crazy water-filled jerry can with us that was difficult!

This guy was making some CRAZY bubbles as we were getting ready to leave.
He said the world record for largest bubble was made with that exact thing.
He also said if it wasn't windy, the bubbles could get way bigger. Dang.

We carved pumpkins. But we didn't have enough time!
My team was just getting started, so we had to hurry and finish.
But we were going to make the coolest fish monster ever carved into a pumpkin!

Here was my team's scarecrow.
So maybe I've been watching too much Dexter,
'cause our scarecrow is a pervert. Notice the facial expression and 'stache.
Then notice in what he has in his hands. Yeeeah.

Lastly, Meg found herself a lover. Sorry Chad.
She kissed this grasshopper.

But I mean, he IS pretty cute, so I get totally get it.

What fun fall activities have you been doing?

Last random thought: It's October, so it's Halloween month.
Expect some Halloween funness, and then... FINGERWEEN!
 Which will now be hosted here.

I was given an AMAZING suggestion by Dori to open this up to the blogworld!
So... later on this month I'll post what to do if you want to be part of Fingerween 2011!

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