Welcome to the Family, Abbot!

New additions!!!

Any of you who keep up with my blog have already met my rat, Pigeon.
But now, you get to meet my new baby! My horse, Abbot!

You'll see much more of him, I PROMISE, but here's just a few (not great) shots of our first meeting.

Now, he's a young one still! He's only 4. But he's so great for such a young age! He's smart, learns fast, and is pretty chill. After I rode him, we were hanging out for a bit and he was grabbing my zippers on my windrunner and zipping them down! Silly boy. He also was tickling me like crazy with his horsey mouth on my face and by my ears and neck.

He'll be making the move to my barn this weekend, so more photos and updates then!


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1 Response to Welcome to the Family, Abbot!

  1. Meg says:

    he's ABSOLUTEly adorable! lol

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